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We stock every bearing and almost every other part you can think of for your Bridgeport.

Free Tech Help at all times!
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Bridgeport Quill
Return Spring

List Price$120.00
Our Price $65.00

Bridgeport Spindle
Rebuild Service

Bridgeport Spindle
Stimulus Special

$750.00 Quick turnarounds!

We send you a Reconditioned spindle once you receive your spindle you Give us a call we will explain how to remove your old one and install your new one. Then simply ship back your old spindle in the package we provide! It couldn't be easier.
Bridgeport & Hardinge service is our specialty !

When Downtime Is Not An Option!
We are available to help you with parts, service and free technical help 24/7. It is our goal to have you up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Serving all 50 states.
  • Local service anywhere in New England
  • We ship nationwide on a regular basis.
  • No additional weekend rates
  • 24 hour hot line "we are here to help"
  • We stock most high use parts.
  • We also carry a wide assortment of used parts.
  • No job too big or too small.Give us a call @ (508) 612- 9593
  • We have access to a huge inventory of Bridgeport parts!
  • We offer a Bridgeport spindle rebuild / exchange to minimize downtime!

Those noisy Bridgeport heads will be a thing of the past!
We can get rid of your headaches when it comes to Bridgeport millers. We offer complete on site rebuilding of your milling machine head to minimize downtime!

No more crazy Hardinge carriage problems.
We can rebuild your Hardinge apron assembly on site and get rid of your inconsistent feed issues for good!

Please Email Us At hardingerepair@yahoo.com
Bridgeport Vari-Speed Drive-belt

List Price$120.00
Our Price $85.00

HLV-H Servo Threading

Gain the ability to cut metric pitch threads and expand your capacity for English imperial threads with our bolt-on, servo driven lead screw retrofit
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